At SNT Clinic, we value our patients’ feedback and opinions. On this page, we’ve listed the testimonials of a few former patients. We hope that once you experience our unparalleled holistic approach to disease and care, you’ll send us your feedback as well.

Testimonial of a patient with Coronary artery disease

In spite of having 90% blocked arterial blood supply to the heart, and sorbitrate in my pocket always I was looking for some alternate to avoid bypass surgery.

It was divine blessing when I came across a kind hearted doctor Dr. T. S. Nanda who introduced me to a miraculous herb and its preparation Mycomed.

Earlier I had only heard that miracles do happen but it became my self-experience when over a period of time I came out of my cardiac problem without any angioplasty and by-pass surgery which was earlier told to be mandatory for me.

Not only my heart problem but as a side bonus my skin problem also disappeared and my life style also improved greatly. Now I don’t keep sorbitrate in my pocket May God bless Dr Nanda.
Name – Sunil Manchanda
Mobile – 09417190651

Testimonial of a patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. (SLE)

Having fed up after making unsuccessful rounds of general physicians , anti allergic medicines, antibiotics, synthetic tonics and multivitamins I decided to visit head of dept of skin of a prestigious medical college of northern India only to be declared that my disease is SLE (Lupus) and it is incurable.

It can only be managed with steroids lifelong. I refused the treatment due to life threatening side effects of steroids. Luckily my husband got information about reishi and I started using it because there was no side effects.

I felt very good and my disease had gone into remission but some of the symptoms kept re-occurring although mild and easily manageable without steroids. Feeling of complete recovery was missing.

It is at this point I met Dr Nanda who gave me MYCOMED which contained cordyceps and shitake also. I recovered completely. I was also counseled to change my dietary, cosmetic, and lifestyle habits also, which helped a great deal in improving my overall health and I am sure of my graceful ageing Thanks to Dr Nanda. I will continue his advice lifelong.
Name – Inderjit. Age – 49
Mobile – 09888152809

Testimonial of a patient with Gouty Arthritis and acid peptic disease.

In spite of Having blessed with everything in life I used to be depressed, fearful and confused due to juvenile gouty arthritis which had gone worse at the age of 30 and my life became miserable .

My uric acid readings used to go up to 12. Crystals of uric acid used to damage my urinary track and made my urination difficult and painful.

My doctor had warned me of kidney failure if I take high protein diet. I was hopeless and did not believe that this disease can be reversed and symptoms can be improved so that I could enjoy my life.

One of my cuisines introduced medicinal mushrooms to me and forcefully advised me to go to Dr Nanda for Naturopathic treatment at model town jalandhar.

In the beginning I thought him to be another tom dick and herry doctor but to my pleasant surprise I started getting my urination eased, my digestion improved and my uric acid started coming down, 60% of my gouty pains disappeared.

I started living a happy and colorful life, my busyness started flourishing after I started taking active interest in it. Now I wish to change the life of every sufferer of diseases to make him understand one thing that there is definitely a solution available for every disease.

Now I have made it my mission to spare time from my business for this purpose and have joined as honorary fellowship with Dr T S Nanda in his mission of Educating instead of medicating at Systemic Nutrition Therapy Clinic Jalandhar.
Name – Manjeet Singh Saroya
Mobile – 09815710222

Testimonial of a patient with Breast Cancer

Post Surgery, chemotherapy and radiations my immunity got badly shattered and my life was no less than hell for all the day and night spending in muscle and joint pains.

Severe side effects of Armidex (anti hormonal aromatase inhibitor) had made my nights painful and sleepless.

My skin turned black and I had lost interest in life.

My oncologist could not do anything to give me relief and suggested that I have to bear with it for rest of my life.

Strong painkillers and tranquilizers were of no use rather their side effects badly disturbed my metabolism.

My SGOT and SGPT levels started rising. All this had made me socially defunct and people used to look at me with merciful attitude. After I started mega dosage of systemic medicine 5 years ago, within three months I started feeling good, my SGOT and SGPT levels became normal, I was free from side effects of my anti hormonal medicines, My skin became normal, My metabolism improved and my immunity regained its balanced status, my sleep became normal and I got rid of side effects causing medicines.

Hats off to Systemic Medicine and its promoters. I am more active and energetic than before. I have no fear of cancer reoccurrence. I wish all cancer patients should start systemic medicine along with their conventional treatment to avoid severe side effects and live long and quality life.
Name – Jatinder Kaur, Age – 52
Mobile – 09876633963

Testimonial of a patient with D V T (deep vein thrombosis) & Juvenile cardiac arrhythmia

Standing whole day at my shop I had developed swollen legs and vericos ulcers. No dressing and antibiotics were of any use. I got frustrated by changing one doctor to another and their prescriptions of strong painkillers, steroid creams and strong antibiotics, which made my metaiabolism highly disturbed and my Juvenile cardiac arrhythmia attacks became severe.

I was referred to D M C for the surgical intervention of D V T (deep vein thrombosis). I went into depression with the fear of loosing busyness as well as health and money besides the torture of passing through hospitalization.

It was unbelievable to see that ganoderma powder dressings and Mycomed oral liquid 10ml twice a day not only sealed my wounds without antibiotic and steroids but my arrhythmia attacks also reduced in frequency and severity and I got rid of my 17 years old antiarrythmic drugs which probably could have created varicose ulcers.

Now I have improved metabolism and better energy levels. My busyness has flourished greatly as I actively and happily mange my busyness.

I wish that before any hospitalization or surgical intervention do visit Systemic Nutrition Therapy Clinic at Model Town Jalandhar. My children are grateful to the promoters of SNT CLINIC Jalandhar.
Name – Kuldeep Chawla, Age – 46
Mobile – 09878903668

Testimonial of a patient with Idiopathic Mysterious Disease.

I met Dr Nanda when there was no hope of life, I was (Death) bed ridden, skin turned black, stools passed were also black, unable to stand straight, hip joint stiffness, muscle mass lost, severe anemia, and I was diagnosed as Idiopathic Mysterious Disease.

After using Mycomed my loose motions increased but to my surprise my energy level increased and my stiffness decreased.

I got up from my bed and started walking within 3 months of the treatment from Systemic Nutrition Therapy Clinic.

I had started my practice as RMP Doctor at village Khojewal.

It was going fine until after one and half year of low dose treatment, my final diagnose of spinal tumor got established when at the tail bone area and nearest lymph node got swelled and burst out of the skin leaving behind an open wound of atleast 10 x 2 inches.

My LFT and RFT and TLC all indicated as cancerous multiorgan failure.

I was admitted to a charitable hospital again to be declared as hopeless case.

Without loosing time I went to Systemic Nutrition Therapy Clinic and Dr Nanda along with his associates took it as challenge and gave me aggressive therapy of MYCOMED, every two hour.

To my and my family member’s pleasant surprise my RFT , LFT and TLC started becoming normal within 24 hours of the aggressive therapy, that too without antibiotic or steroids and pain killers.

My life was saved but my large tumor’s wound was still a challenge, once again to my big surprise my wound got sealed within 4 months of dressings by REISHI powder alone and oral liquid MYCOMED that too without any oral antibiotics, steroids and painkillers. This reminded me of ancient Naturopathic Miracles.

Now I have pledged before Almighty that I will spend my rest of life for the patients who are suffering from incurable, mysterious and dreadfull diseases and guide them to Dr Nanda Model Town.
Name – Gurdev, Age – 35.
Mobile – 09914521424.

Testimonial of a patient with Pustular Psoriasis

Having oozing spots all over the body diagnosed as Pustular psoriasis I was told by my doctors that he has no remedy available for me.

My family members had isolated me and my life became miserable as ants used to engulf me wherever I used to sit or sleep. A foul smell always emitting from pus oozing out of my wounds. I had gone into deep depression and suicidal thoughts had captured my mind.

My Dr Hardyal from Kathar main bazaar brought me to Dr Nanda at model town Jalandhar who gave me Mycomed along with other herbal medicines which worked miraculously and cured me of my misery.

I not only regained my skin but my family and my social life also. Now I wonder why skin super specialists do not know about these miraculous therapies.
Name – Rampaul, Age – 65,
Mobile – 09464012539.

Testimonial of a patient with Migrain & Depression

I had severe migraine since 20 years, so severe that I used to be hospitalized many times a month. I was told by my family doctor that there is no cure available for you and you have to suffer from it life long.

This had made me to go into deep depression as I used to wait for the attacks and run to hospital for injectables and sedatives which badly damaged my busyness.

One of my cuisines who got her asthma cured referred me to Dr Nanda Model Town .

I was not convinced at first but started the therapy after getting assurance that there is no side effects of Mycomed oral liquid given to me along with other herbs.

To my pleasant surprise I had no attack of migraine since then and no hospitalization in the last two years now. Happy moments of my life are back again. I had tried to convince some of the mainstream superspacialists but I wonder why don’t they show interest and provide relief to their patients and this makes me unhappy again
Name – Harish Thakur, Age – 48,
Mobile – 09815209064