Immunotherapy with Medicinal mushrooms
Panchkarma Chikitsa - Rasayan Chikitsa

Treatment of ayurveda is based on two theories

Sanshaman Chikitsa ( symptomatic treatment)

Sanshodhan chikitsa ( detoxification)

Ancient ayurvedic literature kept Panchkarma - Rasayan chikitsa very important part of treatment.

Panch karma is reserved for the sanshodhna in chronic diseases and rasayan chikitsa is being used for regular detoxification.

Panchkarma was designed 5000 years ago when only aamras (internal toxins) was the root cause of all major diseases and there were no threat of dangerous genocidal chemicals from food chain and environment.

Toxins become harder when symptoms are suppressed for life long by modern medicine.

In the process our immune system loses its ability to identify and eliminate these toxins.

Detoxification with panch karma according to ayurvedic texts is unable to detox these accumulated hardcore intra cellular and extra cellular toxins.

More over panchkarma is not possible in modern life style due to time consuming process and larger infra structure requirements.

Similarly rasayan chikitsa mentioned in Ayurvedic texts is unable to handle these hard core accumulated toxins

Immunotherapy by medicinal mushroom extracts can better replace panchkarma chikitsa - Rasayan chikitsa.

Medicinal mushrooms being bio fungal factories provide all those essential bio nutrients which have exceptionally powerful therapeutic properties for natural immuno-modulation .

Medicinal mushrooms are thoroughly researched and recommended for empowering immunity components of body i.e Biointelligence, Phagocytosis, & Chemotaxis to help the body to get rid of these hardcore toxins and heal itself.

In this way immunotherapy (medicinal mushrooms) can effectively do the purpose of Panch karma-Rasayana i.e detoxification.

And combinig Ayurvedic shanshaman chiktisa i.e indicated symptomatic treatment can effectively restore the health of chronic patients Similarly acute care model of symptomatic relief of modern medicine when clubbed with immunotherapy with medicinal mushrooms can restore the health and alleviates the side effects of modern medicines.