Our Concept

Our concept is based on the fact that human body should not have a prolonged exposure to synthetic chemical drugs. These drugs play an important role for the symptomatic relief, but this should be just for a short while until the Immune system eradicates the root cause of the disease.

Immune system is talked about everywhere in medicine, but only a few truly understand it and even fewer incorporate it into their treatment.

All ayurvedic scholars can do wonders, provided they get a chance to complete SANSHAMAN & SANSHODHAN CHIKITSA.

Similarly, all modern medicine practitioners can do wonders provided their SYMPTOMETIC TREATMENT becomes HOST MEDIATED.

The missing link in both the above-mentioned cases is detoxification by immunity with the help of Medicinal mushrooms.

These Mushrooms are a rich source of bio-active ingredients, working synergistically on major immunity components like DENDRATIC CELLS, MACROPHAGE CELLS, NATURAL KILLER & OTHER ASSOCIATED CELLS.

Therefore, these Medicinal mushrooms help with the deep detoxification (SANSHODHAN), which when clubbed with SANSHAMAN CHIKITSA, complete the therapy & provide a permanent cure from diseases.

Similarly, SYMPTOMATIC TREATMENT from Modern medicine, which when clubbed with Medicinal mushroom extracts, becomes HOST MEDIATED.

A complete therapy with no or fewer side-effects, no dose insufficiency, no drug resistance and no reoccurrences of diseases.

Thousands of research papers have been published substantiating these claims, providing trial-based evidence that a regular use of Medicinal Mushroom Extracts makes the immunity components STRONG, SELF-SUFFICIENT & INTELLIGENT.

Many governments across the world, including the Indian Government, has approved Medicinal mushrooms as safe Natural Immuno-Modulators

Our Vision

We are living in the times where Incurable Chronic diseases are not only affecting the adults, but also children at an ever-increasing & alarming rate.

These diseases are so widespread that each one of us has at least one member of our family, who suffers from:

• High Blood Pressure
• Heart Diseases
• Liver Diseases
• Asthma
• Joint Pain
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Auto-Immune Diseases

While the Modern Medicine struggles with creating new medicine & dosage, the viruses & superbugs are evolving to become drug resistant. The situation is so grave that it has already become an epidemic in many parts of the world.

What makes things even worse is that these new drugs are not just ineffective, but also have grave side-effects.

The problem lies in the fact that Modern Medicine just focuses on symptomatic relief, instead of working on the root cause of the problem. It ignores the role of Immune System in battling these diseases in a natural way, and in some cases even suppresses the Immune System, causing more diseases to infect the patient.

The Immune System plays the most important role in detoxification of the body to cure any kind of disease. And components of Immune System do not allow any chemical intervention in the form of drugs, thereby causing side-effects, dose-insufficiency and drug resistance.

Sanshaman Chikitsa of Ayurveda (Acute Care Model of Modern Medicine) when clubbed with powerful Ayruvedic Immunotherapy in the form of Medicinal Mushrooms becomes a Holistic & Host Mediated Treatment.

With a Holistic & Host Mediated Treatment there are no side-effects, no dose-insufficiency or drug resistance, instead there are “Side Benefits”.

Bottom line: Not only will the current disease be cured in a natural way, but there will be no reoccurrence of any of these diseases.