Our Team

DR. Tejwant Singh Nanda
(Managing Director)


DR. Rajesh Chawla
(Executive Director)

DR. Manjeet Singh Saroya
BAMS (AM) , MD (AM) , PhD (AM)

from Trinity World University, Wales (UK)

DR. Tejwant Singh Nanda (Managing Director)

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Email: drtej62@rediffmail.com

Dr T S Nanda is a renowned Ayurvedic Physician having rich experience in treating chronic autoimmune disorders.

He is veteran of comprehensive, compliable, measurable and logically achievable treatment plans for individual needs. He has a long and honourable tradition of knowledge and pride in the cure of illnesses.

He has perfectly combined the benefits of modern medicines with the wisdom of miraculous therapy of ancient herbal medicine. He has mastered the art of much desired integrated approach in using natural immuno-modulators along with modern medicine and Ayurveda which restores the complete health instead of just managing the symptoms.

He is a strong believer that THERE MUST BE A SOLUTION of every problem in this world and he never gives up until he finds the same. While treating complicated diseases, he catches the main point of pathology, recognizes clearly the true features and causes of diseases and cures the diseases from the root.

With the help of holistic ayurvedic medicines, he treats difficult-to-diagnose diseases, wrongly diagnosed diseases and many types of non-specific illness.

My experience as a clinical practioner with the use of Medicinal mushrooms as immunotherapy.

Conventional medicine is excellent in diagnosing the disease, but when it comes to curing the disease, it fails miserably. It typically focuses on treating the symptoms, not the root cause, and it does so using toxic drugs that frequently cause problems that are more dangerous than the original complaint.

The use of immuno- therapy with medicinal mushrooms as a method of healing was nothing short of revolutionary for me. It really opened my eyes and gave me a whole different perspective on health and healing.

I began searching the literature on immuno-therapy by medicinal mushrooms, and started attending conferences on alternative medicine , to acquire the knowledge and skills to help people heal.
I then used this immuno therapy with medicinal mushrooms in my practice of Ayurveda and got amazing results and finally reached to the conclusion that, “This stuff is miraculous!” and with that, I made a commitment to include this immuno therapy in my ayurvedic practice.

This turned out to be a blessing for me, as all my patients really started getting better results, the testimonial of which are available on you tube as “Mycomed Testimonial.”.

Eventually, word spread about the healing power of these medicinal mushrooms, and over the years I have treated many patients from all over the world.

MYCOMED from medicinal mushrooms is nature's fungal therapeutic bio factory, not less than sanjeevani for my patients.

This can be considered as highly potent Rasayana in the world.


DR. Rajesh Chawla

Executive Director

As pharma professional, I had launched one synthetic immunosuppressant Azothiapene in autoimmune diseases.

I was always worried for the severe side effects in the long run of this immuno- suppression It was a devine plan when my wife was diagnosed of an autoimmune disease SLE.

An Allopathic Doctor prescribed her the same Azothiapene and steroids as immuno modulation.

I knew it very well that disease may or may not harm but severe side effects of immunosuppressant and steroids will definitely harm the body.

It was for my wife’s fortune that I got my hand on Ayurvedic Immunotherapy by Medicinal mushrooms being practiced by Dr Tejwant Singh Nanda.

My wife fully recovered from SLE and in the process I got skilled in counseling the patients for understanding the whole Natural healing process by Ayurvedic Immunotherapy containing Medicinal mushrooms.

Being in constant association with Dr Nanda together we decided to extend the benefits of this ayurvedic Immunotherapy to the society and medical fraternity.

we Incorporated SNT CLINIC PVT LTD as a joint venture.


Dr. Manjeet Singh Saroya

BAMS (AM) , MD (AM) , PhD (AM) from Trinity World University, Wales (UK)

Dr Manjeet Singh is with Dr Nanda & SNT Clinc from the last 7 years and is currently the Vice President of the company.

A renowned doctor having vast credentials in the field of Alternate medicines, have attended many conferences and seminars related. Having a research background, he is instrumental as a team member for Research & Development to production and packaging of the medicines.

He is currently looking after the Mumbai office of the company.