- Ayurveda for the ‘FIRST-TIME’ in India recognised, ‘Medicinal-Mushrooms’ as “IMMUNO-THERAPHY”

- Medicinal mushrooms are rare species native to very high altitude of himalyan regions.

- They included the species like Reshi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Shitake etc.

- Many renowned institutions including University of Tokyo, Harvard University, Japan Cancer Society, National Institute of Health USA, Sloan Kettering Cancer research, Amla Cancer Research institute, Thrissure and U.K cancer Research established & Published Studies on their health benefits.

- Medicinal mushrooms are listed and published as bio-fungal factories, each having more than 400 bio-active ingredients in PubMed - a research data base of USA.

- Medicinal mushrooms are known for holistic medicinal support & work exceptionally at the cellular & micro-cellular level.


- Polysaccharides (beta-glucans) obtained from Medicinal mushrooms has ability to increase natural killer cells in body many fold within few days.

- Reishi improves blood flow to liver, heart and brain significantly.

- Cordyceps boost energy-level, protect heart, lungs, brain & kideny health, balances cholesterol level, regulate respiratory function & prevent cancer.

- Turkey-Tail improves digestion, fights infections, reduces inflammation & is also an anti-aging herb.

- Lion’s Mane enhances nerve re-generation improves brain-function, helps in parkinsons & Alzheimer’s, combat depression & anxiety. Lion’s mane can heal Peptic ulcers and colon cancers.

- Maitake has clinically shown promise for individuals with Poly cystic ovary disease (PCOD), insulin resistance, breast cancer, lung cancer & myelo dysplastic syndromes (MDS).

- Shitake discourage inflammation, ‘bad’ bacteria, harmful virus. It can double the survival rate of liver cancer patients.


- Multiple-Sclerosis, Autoimmune disease can be cured that too with utter safety.

- Getting rid of Steroids (necessary evil).

- Medicinal mushrooms provides marvellous results in restoring complete health of autoimmune patients, reduce side effects of steroids & avoid relapse of disease.

- Cancer patient is enabled to tolerate chemotherapy and radiations with minimized chances of hospitalisation & reoccurrence of cancer.

- Early diabetes or pre diabetese get reversed.

- Cardiopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, gastropathy, of diabetic patients prevented & reversed.

- Reccurring skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema & Dermatitis gets cured from the root of it and never comes back.

- Your child needs not to visit paediatrician again & again.

- Your old parents age gracefully.