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Mycomed - FAQ

Ans :- Yes, Mycomed can not only cure the Diabetes (sugar) but can also prevent the sugar provided we start taking Mycomed as soon as the symptoms of diabetes appear.

But long time diabetic patients if start taking Mycomed will prevent diabetic complications like numbness of hand and feet, eyesight weakness and Retinopathy, Kidney failure, Heart attack, Brain stroke, Acidity and indigestion, general and sexual weakness.

For example:- After taking Mycomed excretory organs can become hyperactive. Because of this Nausea, Vomiting, Loose motion, Vertigo, Laziness, Heaviness in body, Cough & Cold, rashes and boils on the skin are normal improvement reactions & are necessary part of healing. In fact these symptoms are proof that Mycomed is doing its job.

NOTE:- The above claims of herbs used in Mycomed have been established after thorough research . The research papers are available on internet for the whole world to verify.

- What is the history of herbs used in Mycomed, How they work , what are their therapeutic potential & what is the mechanism of action, all this is a matter of science and anybody can go to internet for verification of above claims.

Concept - FAQ

5 Big Questions in the Mind of Chronic Patients

Every patient suffering from chronic or incurable (especially Autoimmune) disease have five big questions in his mind which remains unanswered.

Ans :- Root cause of every chronic, autoimmune disease and organ failure can be summed up as followings :-

  • 1. The blood supplied to the organ is nutritionally deficient due to hepatic malfunction or imbalanced diet or poor absorption of nutrients from the intestine.
  • 2. The circulation to the organs and micro circulation within the organ has got blocked due to inflammation caused by toxins, free radicals or because of acidic composition of blood.
  • 3. The cells of the effected system or organ have become the host of some unidentified toxins and have come under autoimmune attack causing inflammation and have lost their functionality.

We need to support immune system which can down regulate toxin status of body and up regulate nutrition status of body so that self healing power of the body can create desired balance of pathophysiology.