Ayurvedic Immunotherapy - Rasayana chikitsa

Immune system is more talked about, less understood and least practiced.

Immunotherapy is a missing link between health and disease.

Under the shadow of “a pill for an ill” concept of modern medicine, Ayurveda ignored Rasayan chikitsa and only Shanshaman chikitsa became prominent.

Rasayanas are the “wonder” drugs that aid in increasing your natural immunity, enhancing your general wellbeing, improving the functioning of all fundamental organs of the body, and keep the signs of early aging at bay.

The word Rasayana is made up of two words: rasa, which means humor of the body, and ayana, meaning source. Rasayana is therefore regarded as the source of all the body humor.

Immunotherapy-Rasayana chikitsa is a host mediated approach toward curing the disease and restoration of good health.

The human body is a miracle of nature, designed by nature’s creator to be self maintaining, self sustaining, self regenerating and self healing.

It is only when the self healing mechanism of body breaks down, we start experiencing illnesses and diseases.

Medicinal mushrooms as Immunotherapy-/Rasayan

Although Medicinal mushrooms have very brief description in Ayurvedic texts, but they are thoroughly researched and worldwide accepted as powerful herbal immune- modulators.

Well-established and renowned institutions, including the University of Tokyo, Harvard University, Japan Cancer Society, National Institute of Health, Sloan Kettering cancer research, Amla Cancer Research Thrissure and the UK Cancer Research, have published hundreds of studies about their health benefits.

Medicinal muhrooms have been recently approved as safe immuno- modulators by Ayurveda.


This therapy works in accordance to the laws of natural healing. Man and nature are regarded to be maintaining maximum similarities. Therefore, the laws of nature are inherent in human body. This is the basic idea behind the use of this Rasayana chikitsa-Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy has disease curative as well as preventive role.

It helps the body in detoxification of accumulated hard core intracellular and extracellular toxins which are the root cause of every disease. It also helps the body to prevent accumulation of toxins.

For the Immunotherapy-Rasayana to work efficiently, following three components of immune system i.e..

- Bio intelligence (Recognising the abnormalities) e.g. dendritic cells etc.
- Phagocytosis (Engulfing the abnormalities) e.g. macrophage cells etc.
- Chemotaxis (Breaking down abnormalities) e.g. natural killer cells etc.

Needs to be Self sufficient, Strong and Intelligent, at all the three levels i.e.

- Cellular level - Powerful
- Humoral level - Mega powerful
- Bone marrow level - Giant powerful
Disease cannot remain in the body for long time when all the forces of immune system, at all the three levels, work synergistically.

Body can clean itself, repair itself and create its own balance to heal chronic diseases when immunotherapy is added along with “a pill for an ill” from any system of medicine.

Benefits of Ayurvedic immunotherapy- Rasayana chikitsa

Immunotherapy aids in reviving the health of a healthy person as well as in combating the disease of the diseased one.

It enables the body to develop its own defence mechanism against disease.

It strengthens the immune system of the body and keep stress and infection away.

Immunotherapy can be taken safely for prolong period of time without any specific contradictions