About Us

SNT Clinic Pvt Ltd was established with the mission to allow free flow of information about the use of miraculous healing potential of Medicinal Mushrooms as Ayurvedic immunotherapy.

These Medicinal Mushrooms can be clubbed with any system of medicines without any contra-indications to restore the Natural Health of all age group of patients.

The founder and co-founders of SNT Clinic Pvt Ltd once had their own family members suffering from chronic incurable and life threatening diseases.

We, at SNT Clinic Pvt Ltd, strongly believe that "there must be a solution to every problem". We applied all our resources and not only found the solutions, but also achieved the objective of good health for our family members.

With due course of time, many more common people and professionals from every field, who were once suffering from incurable and chronic diseases, especially autoimmune disorders, got cured and have joined us to extend this benefit to the society.

Seeing so many patients coming out of their long standing illnesses and now leading healthy lives, our team has decided to extend benefits of these rare natural remedies to the entire humanity at a very affordable price.